First Cropcircles in England

Two large formations were created, one near Stonehenge and one near the ancient Hill Fort Old Sarum in Hampshire, both in oil seed rape fields. The circle near Old Sarum has a diameter of ca. 60 m or 180 foot… (more…)

Resentment and Resistance

How to overcome easily resentment and resistance
The body always shows when resentment and resistance are triggered. You begin to feel uncomfortable, your chest tightens up, your stomach churns… (more…)

Die Zeit der Opfer ist vorbei

Dass Katastrophenprophezeiungen so wirksam sind,  verwundert mich immer wieder. Kaum redet irgend Jemand – Wissenschaftler, Politiker oder was auch immer für “Experten”,  von der Wahrscheinlichkeit einer Katastrophe,  stürzen sich die Medien und gutmeinenden Menschen betroffen auf diese Meldung (more…)

Schau Nie Zurück

Alle, vor allem auch Politiker und die Wirtschaft, reden von “Sachzwängen”, also Sachen, Dinge, welche die Menschen zwingen, so oder so zu handeln – meistens so, dass es unangenehm ist. Diese “Sachzwänge” berufen sich sehr oft auf die Vergangenheit oder zumindest auf vorherige Ereignisse, (more…)

Seth: Primary and Secondary Experience

The lack of discrimination resulting from trusting rather secondary experiences like media or authorities has led actually to a situation of powerlessness of the individual – as Seth describes it so brilliantly – creating i.e. dictatorship as we have now in the USA and Europe.Read the rest

How To Generate Abundance

There are people who are earning, all around this world, so disproportionate to the action that they are offering that you could not possibly reconcile the wealth that’s flowing to them. You just can’t reconcile it. There are a majority of people that are accustomed to performing an action and receiving a financial response. (more…)

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