The Magic Wand

You are the source of your abundance.  Abundance doesn’t come from your job or your retirement plans or your stocks, as many of you have been taught. Abundance doesn’t come from your friends or partner (more…)

Was tue ich?

Es geht um Aufmerksamkeit dem eigenen Tun gegenüber und wie man überhaupt feststellen kann, welche Art von Energie man in einer Kommunikation gerade projiziert.  Sehr schnell lässt man sich vom Gespräch mitreissen und ist nicht mehr aufmerksam auf das eigene Tun, auf die eigene projizierte Energie. (more…)

Enlightened Selfishness

Gouvernements, religions and other organizations and people want to persuade everybody to sacrifice their money, energy and even life to their (mostly destructive) agendas and call this patriotic, service to a community or to God or for a “greater” purpose. (more…)


Beliefs are one of the most powerfull mental tools in this area of consciousness which is called earth. Beliefs influence the perception (the creating mechanism) so much that one can see literally only what one believes.

Vibrational Matches

If you don’t know that what you think and feel and what you get is always a vibrational match – then every time somebody dies in an airplane, or every time somebody gets cancer and dies, you feel more vulnerable (more…)

Bashar about 2012

Of course there are a few different kinds of interpretations and many different ideas that are connected to those notions other than just the popular ones, shall we say. [audience question] Well there are a few different things we can check. (more…)


Dieser Ansatz zur Konfliktlösung entspricht nicht ganz den teuer angebotenen Lösungen im Seminargeschäft, aber er ist einfach, schnell und wirkt Wunder. Konflikte entstehen hauptsächlich, weil die eigenen Wünsche oder Meinungen scheinbar nicht durchsetzbar sind. (more…)

Appreciating Yourself

In this exercise you are practicing initially with acknowledging your experiences and what you are expressing, whether you like it or not, and not pushing, not attempting to eliminate, not attempting to rid yourself or divorce yourself from your experience, (more…)

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