Carl Gustav Jung introduced the term of synchronicity into psychology. He understood by this that what is in your mind manifests outside.He didn’t go as far as saying that each person creates reality,  but he was aware of synchronicities which couldn’t be only accidentally.… Read the rest

Die tägliche Gotteslästerung

Religionen - Michealangelos Moses“Blasphemie (altgr. ἡ βλασφημία, τῆς βλασφημίας – blasphêmía – die ‚Rufschädigung‘, zusammengesetzt aus βλάπτειν – bláptein – ‚Schaden bringen‘, ‚benachteiligen‘ und ἡ φήμη – phếmê oder dorisch ἡ φάμα – pháma – ‚die Kunde‘, ‚der Ruf‘) bezeichnet das Verhöhnen oder Verfluchen bestimmter Glaubensinhalte einer Religion.… Read the rest

Is The Moon An Artificial Construct

The most important announcement in human history is that there is life beyond Earth. The question isn’t, ‘is there intelligent life in the universe? but ‘why haven’t they visited us?’  The answer is, ‘they have’ and ‘they are here’! (more…)

Abate Your Shields

Now; in this time framework, you are attempting to trust again.  I may express to you, in this situation, remember that an element of your success is dependent upon your willingness to receive, which is quite significant, and coupled with receiving is exposing.… Read the rest


Akzeptanz ist zu erkennen, dass jeder seine eigene Welt generiert, wahrnimmt, und ausdrückt. Es ist sinnlos, Jemanden seine Weltanschauung vorzuwerfen, denn Jeder IST seine Welt. (more…)

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