NO Struggle!

This wonderful message from P’taah is the best you can read while relaxing and chilling in your holidays. “You will never be more perfect than you are in this moment!” as P’taah says…  Who wants more!

Appreciation And Abundance

The Morning Song offered by P’taah is one of the most beautiful “prayers” one can say. As P’taah, who is channelled by Jani King says himself, it “transforms the frequency of fear and lack into the frequency of abundance (more…)

Richtig oder falsch?

Was ist meine Definition von richtig? Das, was in Harmonie mit der Existenz ist, ist richtig und das, was in Disharmonie mit der Existenz ist, ist falsch. Man wird in jedem Augenblick hellwach sein müssen (more…)

Nordic Mythologies

Everybody talks about the Mayan Calendar and the end of time in 2012. But there exist a lot of mythologies which herald catastrophic events and a new beginning. The Edda is one of these mythologies (more…)

Vereinheitlichte Gesellschaft

Einheit in der Gesellschaft kommt nicht von Konformität. Einheit kann nur entstehen, wenn die Gleichheit und der Wert der unendlichen Vielfalt aller Individuen garantiert ist. Das Universum ist grenzenlos mannigfaltig.  Jedes Wesen hat eine eigene Art, die Idee der unendlichen Schöpfung zu erforschen und alle dieser Arten sind gleichermaßen gültig.… Read the rest

Basics By Seth

Seth, channelled by Jane Roberts, declares that there are several major root assumptions and many minor ones. Below are listed some of the major ones and each of them is a whole science to be explored. (more…)

Little Secret

Elias offers here another kind of “secret”. In reality he is making fun of people’s greed for paper, as he calls it, for paper money. I think what he is telling here is that creating i.e. money must be as naturally as buying milk in the store. (more…)

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