A questionner asks Bashar about how to change the government of the United States. The answer of Bashar is to change oneself and act as wanted and not re-act to the manifested. Of course this advice is valuable for all nations. We have created actually governments which impede more and more individual rights and liberties for the sake of “security”. But life is changing – is always changing – and there is NO security but inside – by what one thinks and feels and therefore creates. ..

NetworkQuestioner:  I’ve been a little bit worried about the path of this nation, the U.S.A  And where it’s going. We seem to have some outside influences from Big Money, things of that nature, that are controlling our destiny.

B:  Yes, but these are not outside influences; this is what you have created your particular country to be; this is how you have all structured it. This is exactly what it is.

Q:  Do you have any ideas on how we can best combat these … I would call negative influences?

B:  Yes, my strongest suggestion is that you do not combat them at all, because you only strengthen them by doing so.  The idea is to transform yourselves and act more like the reality you wish; take back your own self- empowerment, recognize that you are the government, not separated from it. And that as you act as such, you will then create alternate systems that will be more reflective of the reality you prefer to be. And then when the other systems, perhaps, break down under their own weight, as the world becomes more integrated, then you will have created alternate systems that everyone can veer over to, and will be more representative of the idea of everyone functioning as their own self-empowered individual, and act collectively as such.  Which then will give you, not so much a government but an organizational body, a networking body that will interlink everyone in a manner of service; and utilize the idea of everyone’s skills and abilities and knowledge, instead of the arbitrary medium of exchange that you utilize now.

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