Crop Circle Magic

Crop circles are still one of the most profound and mysterious phenomena of the modern age. Crop circles have had a powerful effect on thousands of people who have witnessed and studied them through the years. (more…)

First Cropcircles in England

Two large formations were created, one near Stonehenge and one near the ancient Hill Fort Old Sarum in Hampshire, both in oil seed rape fields. The circle near Old Sarum has a diameter of ca. 60 m or 180 foot… (more…)

Do Orbs Create Cropcircles?

The quickening of the crystalline energy is evidenced by the appearance of what you term ‘orbs’. Indeed these have created quite a stir in the ‘New Age’ of metaphysics. We tell you these orbs are tangible evidence to those of you who see them and photograph them on your digital technology cameras. (more…)


In the Abraham-Hicks Workshop Recording 9-23-90 a guest asks about crop circles. Abraham answers the question clearly saying, that they are made by extraterrestrial beings – physical or non-physical and serve as a means of communicaton as well as data collection… (more…)

The Bones of God

Bashar speaks about the underlying structure of the physical world that is called by many names, like Merkabah, the philosopher’s stone, the tree of life or Kabbalah. He says also that crop circles are a shadow of this one example of shadows of slices of this underlying template.… Read the rest

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