The term Easter is supposed to come from Ostara, a Germanic Goddess of spring and fertility who has a hare and a cow as her animals. However most of all Easter is now a Christian annual festival of death and resurrection. Christians believe that Jesus Christ died crucified to redeem manhood. This is IMO a quite distorted view of the deep symbology of this vast mythology.  All this did not happen once, it happens in each moment,  now.

Nobody can redeem others. It has to be done by oneself. Jesus Christ in his gospels showed a way how to do it – but it has to be done – in each moment. The crucification is to be subject to the ignorance about consciousness and the resurrection is to free oneself from these compact bounds of conditionality.

  • So, don’t stay in a state of crucification
  • Relax, enjoy, appreciate
  • Connect! resurrect! Redeem Yourself!

The disconnected beings are living their disconnected experience — they are not having a good time of it. While those of you, who are connected, are having a glorious life experience. The very small percentage of you, who remain connected, are the ones that are responsible for the evolution, the beneficial evolution, of your planet. All who came forth intended to be connected, they just got caught up in the habit of thought of lack.

When most beings who are upon your planet understand that they have the ability to create anything that they desire and that they need not be swept up by the desires of others – for each is individually creating through their thoughts – then there will be no more need for barricades or wars or fear.

You fear being swept up in negative situations that are not of your choosing, because you do not understand the Creative Process. Everything that you experience is of you choosing, for as you give your thought, or attention, to a thing – you have chosen it, for that time.


Happy Easter!

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