Distraction is a very powerful tool to interrupt unloved patterns. Instead of continuing to struggle with duties – shoulds and musts – it would be more effective to go shopping,  doing a walk, watch a movie or anything else pleasurable to find new perspectives. This sounds banal, however it is rarely done. So if you feel next time stuck in responsibilities with others or your job, or bored or uninspired – change perspectives!

Allow yourself that permission!

 Guest:  I’m really, really getting stuck on all of my beliefs about responsibility.

ELIAS:  Also, in this, you are restricting yourself and restricting your own freedom, not trusting your abilities and not trusting yourself to adequately generate what you want.  But you are also not allowing yourself a clarity concerning what you want, for you are concentrating upon what you are NOT creating.

Guest:  I understand that and I don’t know how to get out of it.

ELIAS:  I may express to you, first of all,  distract yourself.  Allow yourself to listen to yourself and incorporate action in association with your own communications.  Although you express a fear of your ability to generate what you want, attempt to offer yourself the freedom to generate steps to move in a different direction.  If you are not generating a comfort in what you are doing and you are continuing to perpetuate this struggle, stop.  Distract yourself.

Distraction, as I have stated many times previously, is a powerful tool, for it interrupts patterns.  By the interruption of the familiar patterns, what you generate is an introduction of flexibility.  This creates an avenue in which you may change your perception and therefore allow for your creativity, and you may view the situation quite differently.  For in that interruption, you generate a different type of energy, and in that different type of energy, you offer yourself different information.

What generates this experience or this feeling of being stuck is that you continue to repeat the pattern and you perpetuate the struggle, which develops into conflict.  But if you distract yourself and you interrupt that pattern, you allow yourself to view the situation in a different manner.

Elias channelled by Mary Ennis

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