Imagination is the key for the fulfillment of all your desires. What you can imagine is already realized in some area of consciousness and can therefore be downloaded. Imagination is the ability to make your own images – of yourself, of the world, of all events you want to experience. It is the highest education possible and quite a few inventors demonstrated this clearly. Einstein i.e. found his Theory of Relativity while daydreaming.  Imagination is the mental tool for creation and only after this creation the intellect plays its role of interpretation and physical arrangement. The intellect is the servant of imagination, so to speak.

Bashar gives a short example of how imagination can be used: Deep breath in and while breathing out imagine that all your negative thoughts and feelings go down your body into earth in a big splash. Breath in again and now the filtered, pure energies go up in your body – through the heart, through the brain and pass through the vortex in a big light, in joy and even ecstasy. In this state of being you can make your image of yourself, of your world and of your desired experiences.  And then – behave like your imagined you – be it – and it will manifest.

Relax. A human is not on earth to have pain, fear and trouble but to create easily what he wants. Imagination is the mental-tool to do this. It is not necessary to control and to exhaust in controlling everything. Relaxation and imagination are the keys to heaven and heaven stands for all desires and wishes you can have.

Imagination is the key to Download Heaven!

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