Mary Ennis channeling EliasElias is an energy personality essence who speaks profoundly about the ongoing shift in consciousness. In my opinion his teachings are the most valuable information one can get about what happens now and what will happen in the future. Good things will happen, because the individual will direct himself  – intentionally without limitations and all the “leaders” and other authority figures will fade away. The Website Video Session is a very good introduction to Elias.

On the website are hundreds of sessions and basic information. It is a very complex “philosophy” and needs certainly some time to be studied. But it is worth any moment of your time. Here is an excerpt of the above mentioned video:

As you move in this century, in the beginning of this new millennium, you are objectively inserting this shift in consciousness into your physical reality, and it is being inserted merely through the action of awareness, and your individual and collective participation in widening your awareness and opening your perception to the reality of consciousness and how it is manipulated.

In this, you undertake an enormous feat in altering the entirety of your physical reality, for as you continue this action of inserting this shift in consciousness into your reality, you alter the expression of your societies, of your governments, of your interactions in countries and cultures, your expressions of exchange and currency — ALL of your reality is being redefined.

The emphasis is shifting, literally, from that of authorities and certain individuals as the directors of masses and groups of individuals into the expression of the reality being directed by the individual.  The emphasis is moving into the expression of focusing the attention and appreciation, and recognizing the worth of the individual and the abilities of the individual.

You shall be directing of your reality, individually and intentionally, in an objective manner, rather than allowing yourselves to be dictated to by mass beliefs or authority figures that you have set as your examples or your directors previously.

In this, you offer yourselves tremendous freedom and new opportunities to be exploring this physical dimension and what you may be creating within this physical dimension in a much more expansive manner, allowing you to move within consciousness without limitation, but continuing the blueprint or the design of this particular physical dimension.

Elias, channeled by Mary Ennis


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