Innovation in Education means first to be able to manage oneself:

Being aware of each thought one is thinking
Being aware of each emotion one is feeling
Being aware of all experiences and how they relate to thinking and feeling

These are the basic features of “education”.

The means to awareness are meditation or imagination and appreciation which lead to knowledge about the own personality – self-knowledge. And with this self-knowledge – a relationship with one self – innovations can be “allowed” very easily. Once related to the expanded self so to speak allowance of information is the key to innovations, because everything is present, it has not to be learnt…

BTW: Albert Einstein is maybe the most known scientist who was aware of the power of imagination.

To bring these basic features into public education presents some difficulties:

The nearly complete absence of self-aware teachers.
A lack of appreciation of EACH human being.
The inertia of actual educational methods, based on the past.

So education should focus rather on the innate abilities of humans rather than on “educating” for purposes. This would enable children to find their purpose or job easily and they would choose it on their preferred skills rather than on purely economic considerations. And more… They would become souvereign, self-determined humans instead of aligned sheep – so to speak…

I KNOW and I am ready to receive the answers

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