Kryon speaks about transformation rather than healing. In a certain way it is a quantum leap into a parallel reality where the disease just doesn’t exist. Of course this transformation can be done also for other states of being….

Let me give you another paradigm for healing: Let us say there’s one in here that has something surging through your body that you would like to eliminate. Perhaps you don’t think I know who’s here, do you? Am I speaking clear enough to you or not, dear one?

In a three-dimensional paradigm, you wish you could somehow heal this, don’t you? You wish to take it out of your body and put something else in. Let me give you a whole different idea: Why not simply transform it? In the quietness of your meditation, why don’t you speak to the quantum levels of your DNA? “How do I do that, Kryon?” Do it through the Higher-Self, which was there in every lifetime! Did you realize that? One Higher-Self, many lives. You have a friend who was there every time!

Say to that Higher-Self, “Find me the lifetime that didn’t have the disease, and put it in my existing DNA!” For it’s in your DNA, in the interdimensional levels. Your personal Akashic record is in your DNA! Slowly bring forward that lifetime. Replace the portions of your DNA that you have now, with the attributes of another that was also YOU… one you lived already and have earned. It’s still there. “Can we really do that, Kryon?” Indeed, this is the phase in which we are teaching it. This is the phase where you can begin the process to learn it – more than you’ve hoped for, perhaps.

“Now it’s getting strange,” you say. Indeed! For when you look at quantum gifts, they don’t make sense. But in the scheme of the love of God, they do. You don’t have to understand it, dear ones, in order to do it. “Kryon, this is too complicated. I need a list. What do I do first? What do I do second?” Why do Humans do that? Who told you that you needed to know how it works? “Well, Kryon, it just makes sense. We should know something about it before we entrust our entire life to a process.” Really? So when you leave this room, then go and get into your automobile, all of you then stop everything you do, reach under the seat for the manual of the car, and you study the list of all the parts. Right? After all, you would not trust your life to the system you don’t understand, would you? I think you understand my point. You do it all the time! So why not trust the workings of God, who loves you, when you already do it with an automobile that doesn’t even know your name?”

Kryon – The Timing Of The Great Shift (excerpt)

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