Parents have in some cases overwhelmed their kids with so many new and different endeavors that they have not had the opportunity to learn how to repose. Contrary to our society’s energetic values, meditation can actually create a renewed sense of motivation and well-being. Moreover, it allows a person to turn inwards, become acquainted with oneself, and ultimately become at peace with oneself.

Children play meditationOsho says,  “If we can help children to be meditative we can change the whole world — its energy, its consciousness. But we teach them something else, never meditation — geography, history, and all kinds of nonsense which is absolutely useless.”

And he further adds,  “Children should be taught to meditate — how to remain calm, serene, silent; how to reach the state of no-mind. Children can learn to accomplish this very, very quickly. Every home should have a scheduled program to help children move into silence. And that will only be possible, when you, as parents, also practice with them. A daily hour of sitting silently should be compulsory in every home. One should even do away with a meal if necessary, but an hour of silence must be observed at all costs. It is wrong to call that house a home where an hour of silence isn’t observed daily. It can not even be called a family”.  Osho

Osho recommended meditations for children…


Tell the children to close their eyes and then start speaking gibberish — any meaningless sort of sound. One sound will lead to another, just start anywhere. As they gibber they can let their bodies move — maybe their hands want to move, or their body starts swaying, dancing, or jumping up and down. And they can do it as loudly as they like.

Let them do this for 10 minutes. Afterwards they will have quieted down, become centered inside. And you will feel terrific!

Whirling Creative PowerWHIRLING

Children enjoy this very much because they get a great kick. Parents never allow their children to whirl. It is not good: they should be allowed — rather, encouraged. And if you can make them aware of inner whirling also, you can teach them meditation through their whirling. They enjoy it because they have a bodiless feeling. When they whirl, suddenly children become aware that their body is whirling but they are not. Inside they feel a centering which we cannot feel so easily, because their bodies and souls are still a bit apart; there is a gap.

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