A very interesting interview with Harvard Professor of Psychology Ellen J. Langer where she speaks about her new book Counter Clockwise: Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility and how mindfulness and self-responsability can lead to better health. She speaks also about a study she made with chambermaids:

In a study that Ali Crum and I conducted with chambermaids, we made them aware that their work was exercise. Although they did not change what they ate nor how vigorously they worked, the change in mindset (work=exercise) resulted in weight loss, a decrease in body/mass and waist to hip ratio, and a drop in blood pressure.

Now this is interesting, because I often observed people doing exercises with special clothes, special tools and in special places. But when the same people where asked (i.e. by me) to carry something heavy upstairs they considered this immediately as a kind of hard work although they carry heavier weights when exercising. They do not consider this as an exercise although it is very similar. The focus is different…

Counter Clockwise Cosmic LighthouseThe perspective or point of view – your focus – decides about all experiences in your reality.  The chambermaids changed nothing about their lives except the way they viewed their work. The results were remarkable: Better physical health and more self-responsability, more souvereignty so to speak.

And this applies to other experiences too. A common issue for many people is food. Some gain weight by only looking at food and others can eat without ever gaining an ounce. So – what is the difference? It is not their “metabolism” as it is considered mainstream. It is the way they flow energy through their physical bodies which decides how it reacts. The “metabolism is a direct result of the focus!

Great idea. I always wanted to loose weight with chocolates…

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