Some time ago I saw a part of a movie about Queen Victoria and how she became queen at a very young age. She had some trouble to slip into her new role and had also doubts that she could be really a queen.So somebody told her: Remember who you are. You are the Queen of England. Remember always.

I didn’t look any longer because I heard the important message for me in this movie. Everybody could say this sentance to himself:

Remember who you are. You are a divine being. Always remember!

So much to all these “rulers” and “leaders” and people who say they know what is best for me. I think it is time to take the responsability of thinking, feeling, perceiving and acting back again, back from all these institutions to whom so many, many people handed over so easily their present and future in the name of security.  It is not astounding that these institutions took over also all the power…

Unity in a society does not come from conformity. Unity can only come from granting equality and validity to the infinite diversity of all the individuals.  The universe is infinitely diverse.  Every being has their own way of exploring the idea of infinite creation, and all these ways are equally valid. When a society encourages the unique expression of each individual, that is when the society is strongest and most unified.

When you grant equality and validity to everyone, you are granting equality and validity to all aspects of Creation, and as a reflective result of this, the entire Creation supports you in everything you do as well!  Bashar

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