The earlobes are very important acupuncture points, very closely connected to remembrance. When the ear is pierced the energy within gets a sever jolt. In fact, piercing the ears was even a well-known remedy for certain mental ailments. In China it was the only treatment to cure mental illness. The energy flows more directly to the brain when an intermediary obstruction is removed. It was a significant device to awaken remembrance.

Osho says it has become a custom in India — after a period when there was a high infant mortality — to pierce children’s ears because it was discovered that those with pierced ears tended not to die, because there is a “fundamental change in the life energy as a result of the piercing.”

When : When you are feeling sad, worried, downcast or angry.

How:  Hold your ear lobes and rub them hard. You will find a change in your state of mind.

Osho – The True Name – Talk  4

From Hippokrates to Chines Acupuncture, the ear and earlobes have always been a great means of diagnostics and therapy.  This little exercise by Osho has the advantage to be very easy and quick – and it feels good.  Just try it…  And …  I think Osho speaks about the “great remembrance” of who one really is!

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