Sarah Pope speaks in this video about traditional “sacred”  food that has been widely demonized by the food industries as well as by doctors. Eating butter, eggs or coconut oil is healthy and cholesterine is necessary, especially for young and old people. There are a lot of misunderstandings in nutrition and some of them are cleared in this video.


The truth is that man-made fats, factory fats if you will, are the dangerous fats to avoid. Highly processed Trans fats and liquid vegetable oils are primary contributors to the rapid growth of degenerative diseases in our modern culture. These fats are incorporated in almost all processed foods so it is easy to consume a lot of them without realizing it.

The truth is that natural, unprocessed, traditional fats are a vital part of a healthy diet and should be generously included. Our bodies need saturated fats and the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and K are found in animal fats, particularly when these fats come from grassfed animals.

Adequate consumption of the fat soluble activators A, D, and K also supercharges mineral absorption and therefore renders your entire diet even more nutritious!

In other words, it is possible to consume plenty of minerals but still be mineral starved without proper amounts of healthy fats in the diet .

Eating plenty of Traditional, whole fats is critical to being well nourished. You simply cannot be healthy without them.

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Butter Scarce as Norwegians Embrace Traditional Diet

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