Angst oder Liebe?

P’taahs wichtigste Botschaft
P’taah ist eine dieser gechannelten Wesenheiten, welche eine große Hilfe sind, um die aktuellen Veränderungen im Bewusstsein besser verstehen zu können. Ähnlich wie Seth, Elias, Abraham und Andere lehrt auch P’taah (more…)

What is Positive Feeling?

Positive Feeling is first of all to own – to integrate – all experiences and all things perceived and to realize that all what happens ist self-generated.  From this point on one is able to choose the experiences (more…)

Flowing Energy

Abraham describes here what it means to flow energy or being in the flow. Contrary to the beliefs of many people there are no “majorities” or other people required to get what one wants. The only thing one has to do is to ally with the expanded self and then let it happen…

Most of you have not been trained to be intuitive about whether the Energy is flowing.

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Path of Least Resistance

Say Universe… “You know what I want.
Give it to me in the path of least resistance.
Give it to me in any way I can get it.”

And then watch how many vortexes open for you
where you’re standing in the spot
where the moon will shine just right
where the stars will twinkle just right
where a bird will land on the bush right in front of you
where the beast in the wild will come up and stare you right in the face

where orchestrations by the universe show you that you are the center of the Universe and that everything you want comes to fruition and that you don’t need to demand the cooperation of other humans that when you come into alignment with what you want the co-operative Universe yields it to you endlessly.… Read the rest

Krieg und Frieden

Gerade jetzt, wo die Problemerzeuger – die Klimakatastrophenpropheten, die Kriegshetzer und Krisenwahrsager wieder sehr aktiv sind, ist es höchste Zeit, die eigene persönliche Macht freizulegen. Die geniale Aussage von Abraham wirft ein Licht, (more…)

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