It is only a question of choice if one is a puppet played by others – authorities, churches, science, politics – or if one is able to choose deliberately desired experiences – without any conditionings… Get off your knees! (more…)

Fixing the Attention

So where is the attention placed in the human being?

It is not a fixed point. You can say attention is the surface or the edge of awareness. Wherever we are made aware, the attention gets diverted to that point. Where is your attention?If you can find some analogy, all the files of iron have got a power to be attracted towards the magnet.… Read the rest


Trust What the elements, the components of trust are is …..

 .    paying attention to what you are doing…
…..paying attention to your associations

…..paying attention to your feelings
…..paying attention to what you are thinking…
paying attention to what you are thinking…
These four actions are the components that allow you — or do not allow you — to express trust.… Read the rest

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