About The Physical Universe

You have in your civilization, what is called a particular story, you may call it a joke… we will relate it to you:  You have what you call an individual, who in your terms says, that they believe in the power of God, and that they do not need to do anything but that. (more…)

The Threshold Of 2012

Bashar answers questions about 2012 and explains from his view point that it is a threshold to the dominance on positive energy on earth and it is not a “majority” which realizes this very important step of humanity, but relatively few individuals. (more…)

Revolution Evolution

Take me literally. You are your own universe. You are your own reality. You vibrate to ideas. Ideas vibrating to your level become the reality you experience. Now, if you were, in your terms, the only one to vibrate (more…)

Bashar Teleconference

Last weekend I attended via phone a Bashar Seminar in Los Angeles, dealing with belief systems and how to detect them. The highlight of the seminar was a Holotope Experience, a kind of guided imagination to open the channel to the expanded self (more…)

Vergebung und Versöhnung

Wir Menschen haben so viele verworrene Konzepte über die Wirklichkeit, über Täter und Opfer, die zu endlosen Streitereien, Drama und Leiden führen, die ihren Höhepunkt in zahllosen barbarischen Kriegen finden. Wir zerfleischen uns selbst, in dem wir permanent unsere und die Fehler der Anderen (more…)

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