Ist Rauchen schädlich?

Im letzten Artikel sprach Abraham, gechannelt von Esther Hicks über “Die perfekte Nahrung” und räumt darin mit sämtlichen Vorurteilen über “gesundes” Essen auf. In dieser Aussage spricht er vom Rauchen (more…)

Basics By Seth

Seth, channelled by Jane Roberts, declares that there are several major root assumptions and many minor ones. Below are listed some of the major ones and each of them is a whole science to be explored. (more…)

Feelings Now

In his Audio Session 3051 Elias explores the actual wave of feelings which is is addressing to creation and is addressing to senses and these are very interconnected with  feelings. They trigger feelings. (more…)


The birds of your planet are often messengers or translators of Non-Physical Energy; all beasts are, to a certain extent. But the birds of your planet are used often in that way. Non-Physical Energy, wanting to express something to physical, (more…)

The Parable Of The Rainbow Room

There are so many channelled messages “out” there, that it is impossible to keep track. However, today, I found a message in a mailing list from Kryon of Magnetic Service , channelled by Lee Caroll (more…)

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