Scientists have recognized for some time that people suffering from depression often experience a substantial reduction in symptoms when given a placebo. In fact, this observation has led some researchersto propose that up to 75 percent of the apparent efficacy of antidepressant medicine may actually be attributable to the placebo effect.

Rauwolfia serpentinaSo it seems that the Placebo Effect is rehabilitated.  And that is what Ramtha says about Placebos:

“If we have emotions, we have then only memory. In imagination, we are free from emotion. That is why daydreamers resort to imagination to lift them up from depression. If society’s scientists and medical doctors, neuroscientists, and neurophysicists destroy imagination, they have destroyed the natural Prozac of human luster.”

And even more:

“In the old days, really old days, leaders of continents, nations, and principalities taught people how to think. To help them along, they used to put an herb called rauwolfia in the community water well. In other words, quietly they endeavored to put the herb equivalent of Prozac in the village water well. The reason they did that was because leaders of peoples a long, long time ago had a very different responsibility than the famed and fortunate ones of today. They had the exquisite duty of reinstating confidence, protection, and equalness within the people, and rauwolfia was a wonderful drug in water that relieved people’s insecurity.”

Wie Imagination wirkt

Die Vorstellungskraft ist sicher eines der wirksamsten mentalen Werkzeuge des Menschen und ich habe schon häufig dazu Zitate einiger der intelligentesten Wesen des Universums gebracht.

Aber wie wirkt Imagination?

Imagination ist gewissermaßen ein “Reset Knopf”, mit dem man die neurologischen Pfade wieder in die Richtung bringen kann, in die man gehen will.… Read the rest

Generating Positive Feelings

With a few simple changes of attitude you can install a new positive habitude. By this you are independant of the vibrations of other people and you are not so easily manipulable. This new attitude is the beginning of souvereignty (more…)

The Secret Behind The Secret

Act on your passion and don’t forget, you must also be passionate about being passionate.
Never give up when negative thoughts look around.

Use your imagination:

Create a situation,  an action and a behaviour that takes you back to your passion.… Read the rest


Mir scheint, dass der Unterschied zwischen Fantasie und Imagination nur in den Assoziationen zu den Begriffen liegt. Beide entspringen einem Wunsch und es ist immer ein Individuum, das diesen Wunsch hat. Fantasie wird im Allgemeinen als Träumerei definiert, wobei diese Träume als nicht realisierbar gelten.… Read the rest

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