Possible Visons

Importance of Holding a Positive Vision for Oneself and for Humanity
Wonderful wisdom and guided meditations by Orin, channeled by Sanaya Roman and DaBen, channeled by Duane Packer. (more…)

Aloneness: Your Self-Nature


Aloneness is a flower, a lotus blooming in your heart. Aloneness is positive, aloneness is health. It is the joy of being yourself. It is the joy of having your own space.

Meditation means: bliss in being alone. One is really alive when one has become capable of it, when there is no dependence anymore on anybody, on any situation, on any condition.… Read the rest

Leben heißt Unsicherheit

Es gibt keine Sicherheit im Leben, weil das Leben nicht anders als in Unsicherheit existieren kann. Daher kommt es, dass man, je sicherer man ist, desto weniger lebt. Der Tod ist die komplette Sicherheit. Sei also niemals auf Sicherheit aus, denn sonst bist du auf den Tod aus… (more…)

Thich Nhat Hanh – Beyond Environment

Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh has been practising meditation and mindfulness for 70 years and radiates an extraordinary sense of calm and peace. This is a man who on a fundamental level walks his talk, and whom Buddhists revere as a Bodhisattva; seeking the highest level of being in order to help others.… Read the rest

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