Beyond Enlightenment

Health Is Only a Problem If You’re Sick. A healthy man does not feel continuously that he is healthy, only sick people become interested in health. The moment that you have become healthy…coming out of your sickness, you will feel health but when it becomes your natural experience of every day, every moment, you don’t have any contrast of sickness to compare it with.… Read the rest

Be Real!

Always remember, no matter what you are doing, observe whether your center is involved in it or not, because if it is not involved it is better not to do a thing. Don’t do it! No one is forcing you to do anything.… Read the rest

Aloneness: Your Self-Nature


Aloneness is a flower, a lotus blooming in your heart. Aloneness is positive, aloneness is health. It is the joy of being yourself. It is the joy of having your own space.

Meditation means: bliss in being alone. One is really alive when one has become capable of it, when there is no dependence anymore on anybody, on any situation, on any condition.… Read the rest

Equality is a Myth

They say that every human being is equal. And of course it satisfies the ego of every human being – nobody objects. It is one of the most dangerous lies to tell human beings.

I say to you, equality is a myth.

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Osho – Freiheit, der Mut, du selbst zu sein

Wenn wir uns eine wirklich freie Welt wünschen, müssen wir verstehen, dass im Namen des Kollektivs schon zu viele Massaker geschehen sind, dass es jetzt an der Zeit ist, damit aufzuhören. Alle kollektiven Begriffe sollten die Grandiosität verlieren, die sie in der Vergangenheit hatten.… Read the rest

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