NO Struggle!

This wonderful message from P’taah is the best you can read while relaxing and chilling in your holidays. “You will never be more perfect than you are in this moment!” as P’taah says…  Who wants more!

Appreciation And Abundance

The Morning Song offered by P’taah is one of the most beautiful “prayers” one can say. As P’taah, who is channelled by Jani King says himself, it “transforms the frequency of fear and lack into the frequency of abundance (more…)

Liebe oder Angst?

Das was Ihr seid, ist so großartig und wunderbar. Ihr seid ein Wunder des Lebens, ein Wunder der Schöpfung. Was immer Ihr euch wünscht, könnt Ihr erschaffen. Der Schlüssel dazu liegt in Eurem Herzen (more…)

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