Dolphin Midwives

A Russian named Igor Charkovsky has been involved in underwater birthing for a long time. He has probably assisted with at least 20,000 underwater births. His daughter, one of the first to be born underwater, was in her twenties, I think, when the following incident took place.… Read the rest

Ramthas Trinkspruch

Vom Herrn und Gott meines Seins
auf die Herrlichkeit Gottes
auf diesen heutigen Tag.
Erkenne meine persönlichen Bedürfnisse,
auf dass sie sich in meinem Leben manifestieren.
Und schenke mir den Mut, sie anzunehmen.
Auf das Leben.
In Ewigkeit, für immer und immer.

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Scientists have recognized for some time that people suffering from depression often experience a substantial reduction in symptoms when given a placebo. In fact, this observation has led some researchersto propose that up to 75 percent of the apparent efficacy of antidepressant medicine may actually be attributable to the placebo effect.

Rauwolfia serpentinaSo it seems that the Placebo Effect is rehabilitated.  And that is what Ramtha says about Placebos:

“If we have emotions, we have then only memory. In imagination, we are free from emotion. That is why daydreamers resort to imagination to lift them up from depression. If society’s scientists and medical doctors, neuroscientists, and neurophysicists destroy imagination, they have destroyed the natural Prozac of human luster.”

And even more:

“In the old days, really old days, leaders of continents, nations, and principalities taught people how to think. To help them along, they used to put an herb called rauwolfia in the community water well. In other words, quietly they endeavored to put the herb equivalent of Prozac in the village water well. The reason they did that was because leaders of peoples a long, long time ago had a very different responsibility than the famed and fortunate ones of today. They had the exquisite duty of reinstating confidence, protection, and equalness within the people, and rauwolfia was a wonderful drug in water that relieved people’s insecurity.”

Der Lohn des Lebens

Ramtha - Das weiße BuchDas ist ein Auszug aus dem “Weissen Buch” von Ramtha. Dieses Weisse Buch ist ungeheuer spannend, denn Ramtha spricht über die Schöpfungsgeschichte, warum Gott sich als Mensch verkörpert, über den Tod und das ewige Leben, auch in dem man die Fähigkeit erlangt, den Körper “mitzunehmen”.Read the rest


Circumstances don't matter

A mantram is short spiritual formula to reach the highest being – the One Self. It uses the power of words – like spells – to create a union with the essence of the self . Prayers, meditation and mantras turn the awareness – consciousness, spirit, everything – to the inner being – to God.… Read the rest

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