Medical Curses

Seth speaks here about the curses thrown by doctors on their patients – of course with the best intentions. They think they help if they reinforce the feeling of dis-ease. (more…)

Seth Speaks About Mass Media

Now: in basic terms you form your reality, privately and en mass-through your beliefs, of course, and those beliefs cause you to organize your psychic world in certain fashions. You use such belief organizations to concentrate upon certain data (more…)

Angst oder Liebe?

P’taahs wichtigste Botschaft
P’taah ist eine dieser gechannelten Wesenheiten, welche eine große Hilfe sind, um die aktuellen Veränderungen im Bewusstsein besser verstehen zu können. Ähnlich wie Seth, Elias, Abraham und Andere lehrt auch P’taah (more…)

The Second Coming

Seth speaks in this session about the second coming of Christ and he says that it will be the “resurrection” of the individual. As Easter approaches it is a good time to speak about redemption and resurrection – a state of beingwhich can only be achieved individually and not by any religion, which was, by the way, also the message of Jesus.… Read the rest

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