PAO – Sternenbotschaft

Die Botschaften der Galaktischen Föderation des Lichts, gechannelt durch Sheldan Nidle, in deutsche Sprache übersetzt. In diesem Channelling geht es um die nahe Zukunft der Menschheit (more…)

Fluid Management

The Galactic Federation of Light have transmittet via Sheldan Nidle several exercises for Fluid Management, which is basically without hierarchical structures and where every member of a group or society participates fully.

1. Our first exercise is a simple one that many of you have probably already done.Read the rest

Losing Focus


Ahhh, losing your focus once again? I know we (Ascended Masters) sound like a broken record….and here we go again.

What is your heart’s desire?
Your intention?
Your goal?

Continue to meditate and visualize and imagine every detail of your heart’s desire.… Read the rest

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