Resonance of the Land


This is from an older session of 1997 but of course it is timeless. Bashar speaks about the location as a projection and as un important part of what oneself deems to be. Location is within, as he says. This explains why some locations make happy and some locations make one feel uncomfortable.Read the rest

So go and play!


This is a beautiful message from P’taah, a being that is very gentle and loving and who I appreciate very much. He says that these energies are here since ever but that we become only now slowly aware about it. He points also to the importance of knowing that there is no separation in consciousness – something that we understand also now…

We Are All Star-Seeded

Question:  Could you talk about the connection between the Pleiadian energy, right now on the planet, and the time?… Read the rest

Das Ende der Pflicht

 Ihr habt jedes Recht, aufgeregt und begeistert zu sein angesichts der Aussicht  auf eine wundervolle Zukunft, die frei ist von unnötigen Kontrollmechanismen  oder Einschränkungen eurer Freiheit. Und damit kommt auch eine Qualität des  Glücks zu euch, wie ihr es seit sehr langer Zeit nicht mehr empfunden habt.… Read the rest


We say one more thing about the idea of healing the self. We will give you the idea of a particular permission slip that you can use to attract whatever information you need that has to do with healing. So if you use this permission slip because it is generally keyed to the collective energy vibration of your entire species, you will find it will generally work for most of you in whatever way your imagination so desires.… Read the rest

Brilliantschliff der Fantasie

Brilliantschliff der Phantasie

Deine Fähigkeit zur Imagination ist hilfreich, damit die nächsten logischen Schritte schneller geschehen. Entferne die Stolpersteine aus deiner Imagination. Du brauchst keine kleinen und großen Dinge bauen. Du kannst das alles im Geist tun. Wir sprechen hier nicht über den nächsten logischen Handlungsschritt.… Read the rest

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