Follow Your Heart

Ben Stewart, philosopher, musician and producer of the movie Esoteric Agenda speaks in Kymatica (83 min.) about the consciousness of human beings – of the consciousness of each cell – and of all consciouness that exists.  In one part of the movie he speaks about the role of the heart which “generates the strongest rythmic electro-magnetic field in the body”.… Read the rest

The Only Authority

Ni Dieu Ni Maitre - 4 MousquetairesNo matter how tempted you are to look to others, you are your own authority. And the answers literally -literally” come from within yourself, and I mean now through your own private experiences that cannot be given to you by another – they must be experienced.… Read the rest

Learning From Inside Out

Learning from inside outSraddhalu Ranade, a scientist at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, speaks about how to educate the whole person. While the current educational system has its roots in the industrial age and a mechanical mindset, the converging crises of our time call for a new, more holistic approach to learning that supports the unfolding of and integration around each person’s deepest potential.… Read the rest

Liebt Euch!

Zum 65. Geburtstag von Konstantin Wecker am 1. Juni veröffentliche ich hier einen seiner vielen guten Texte. Aber statt sich zu empören und sich im Widerstand zu erschöpfen, reicht es vollkommen aus, “sich zu lieben und sich zu gehören”, wie er in dem Lied singt.… Read the rest

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