This is a smart little exercise from Kryon, a kind of emergency kit

Visualize in your mind the perfect solution without knowing what it is. How do you do that?  Here’s how…

Visualize yourself peaceful, as if it was finally over…not just suppressed, but over. Take the now out of linear. Make time advance to a place in the future where you say, Oh, we got through this.

Feel the peace without worrying about future events. Feel the peace of something happening, which indeed is finally working and has wisdom. You don’t have to remember how it happened — just feel it!

This is a great reminder from Kryon about how things work. You don’t have to know the “how”, only the “what” (do I want)… The rest is made by the innate “manager” – the self which will realize it and if the vibrations are a match it will be perceived! Or as Elias says:

But what is MOST significant is your allowance of yourself to incorporate a time framework in which you may evaluate what you actually want, what you do not want and what your preferences are – not what you should or should not do or express, but what you value.

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