Vimala Thakar passed away in March 2009 in her home in Rajasthan, India. Although she was such a evolved being there was almost no mention in the Western press. How could the world have missed the fact that perhaps the most spiritually enlightened woman on the planet had passed away? You would think, given the popularity of women’s spirituality, that she would be a well-known and widely revered figure, particularly among women. But she isn’t, which I think speaks volumes about women, and how our preoccupation with ideas of the feminine and masculine can blind us to the truly revolutionary. Because Vimala Thakar courageously took an evolutionary leap beyond identification with being a woman and opened a whole new path for us all beyond gender as we know it.

Although she came from a culture where women are denied the possibility of enlightenment she didn’t care about what priests and other authorities were saying and just did what she wanted to do. As she said in an interview in 1996:

Vimala ThakarIn India, Hinduism says woman can never be liberated in a woman’s body. If she behaves, if she follows bhakti yoga, then she may be born again in a male body and then she will be liberated. Buddhists and Jains also never accept that a woman in a woman’s body can be emancipated. Nor do the Catholics accept it. So at best a woman becomes a mother figure, such as Anandamayi Ma, or this figure or that figure. And she teaches as the Mother, not as an emancipated person.

So by her life she could be a very powerful symbol for women seeking understanding and en-lighten-ment – beyond gender, because in consciousness there is no gender although it is a nice expression in physical reality. Maybe this is Vimala’s credo, focusing on “human being” and not only on gender:

I am a simple person, a human being who has loved life and who has seen life as divinity itself. I have lived in love with life, madly in love with the human expression of life as divinity!

She is a real eye-opener or should I rather say “mind-opener” –  the TOTAL REVOLUTION INSIDE!

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