The formula I created some years ago goes like this…

V + E = M

The first two statements are underlined by a wave which become then a point, symbolizing material manifestation, objects and events.


Imagination, because the Universe (or higher self, or how ever you want to name it) does not distinguish between imagination or observation. So if you don’t like what you observe, start to imagine and visualize what you want.


Feel what you want. You have certainely some experiences with goog feelings. You can use them as a starting point. It is very important to have high vibrations to be able to create the desired manifestation.  The emotion shows the way you are going and if you feel “positive feelings” you are on the right track. Trust yourself and let it go. The Universe will do the “how”.


Because you envisioned it and because you felt it the Universe wll set forth synchronicities, which means events so that you will be able to perceive what you have created. The creation happens when you envision it, but the perception happens only when you trust yourself and let it in, so to speak. Allow it.

This is it.


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