Gouvernements, religions and other organizations and people want to persuade everybody to sacrifice their money, energy and even life to their (mostly destructive) agendas and call this patriotic, service to a community or to God or for a “greater” purpose. However – there is no greater purpose than the own individual life, no matter what any politician, “holy book” or similar are saying.  So, what is needed is selfishness – Enlightened Selfishness, a brilliant term by Chief Joseph. That’s why he states in his newsletter about abundance, receiving and deserving:

Always put yourselves first. Always! Enlightened selfishness, as we call it, is a good thing. Only then can you serve others best. Only then can you receive all the abundance you’ve ever wanted and asked for.

Love yourselves unconditionally. The abundance will then flow to you in ways that will amaze you.

It’s pretty simple.

In order to help someone who’s in a very different vibrational frequency, you’ve got to adjust your vibrational frequency so that they can hear you. And if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would not adjust our vibrational frequency down—ever. We would not introduce more resistance in our vibration for any reason whatsoever, because disconnecting yourself from resources does not give them more to eat. Abraham

Appreciating Yourself

Self Esteem

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