Somebody asked Osho if it is a good idea to have a baby. His advice is really wise and should be taken in consideration by all people who want to be parents. By the way, this is also a good recommendation for all people who want pets…

If you can avoid it that is very good. When people ask, they create trouble for me. If I say no then it feels as if I am hurting your motherhood. If I say yes then certainly there are going to be troubles and responsibilities and you may get into a mess. The best thing is to remain alone a little longer. First finish your work upon yourself. When you have come to a certain state where you know now nothing can disturb you, then it is perfectly good to have children. Then you will be able to help them also: you will be really mothering them.

Right now you yourself need mothering and you will be simply giving them all the diseases that you’re carrying. One psychoanalyst has called the disease that parents give to children “NDD” — neurosis, disease, depression. That’s what people are going to give. You don’t have anything else to give! Wait, you can wait it will be far better. Neurosis and all the confusion of your mind, that is the problem. You will be bringing up the child and you will pour all that you have into the child. First, become a little more blissful.


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