Dieser Ansatz zur Konfliktlösung entspricht nicht ganz den teuer angebotenen Lösungen im Seminargeschäft, aber er ist einfach, schnell und wirkt Wunder. Konflikte entstehen hauptsächlich, weil die eigenen Wünsche oder Meinungen scheinbar nicht durchsetzbar sind. (more…)

Appreciating Yourself

In this exercise you are practicing initially with acknowledging your experiences and what you are expressing, whether you like it or not, and not pushing, not attempting to eliminate, not attempting to rid yourself or divorce yourself from your experience, (more…)


Remember, there is no expression within your reality that you are ACQUIRING. You do not acquire. You already possess. It is merely an expression of actualizing what you possess. That is accomplished in… (more…)

Positive Synchronicity

When you “follow your excitement” in the moment, each “now” moment, this leads to Positive Synchronicity – things “magically” working out in a way that is delightfully and surprisingly pleasing.

When you ignore your excitement, and are instead led by your fears and worries, this leads to Negative Synchronicity – upsetting events – the very things you wished to avoid.… Read the rest

Huna String Figures

An interesting feature of the Huna Culture are String Figures. I have the impression that they are helpful for the creation of forms and maybe worlds. They serve as symbols and show also the interconnectedness of everything. (more…)

Indoctrination vs. Education

There is a big difference between education and indoctrination or propaganda. The educational institutions have come little by little to use more indoctrination than education – a sad reality.

The former religious dogmata have been substituted by scientific dogmata and both give a rather narrow or tunnel sight of reality.… Read the rest

Harmonizing Frequencies

You do spend more time than is really good for you responding to the current conditions which means you’re letting the current conditions train your vibration (more…)

Huna Antennen

Serge Kahili King beschreibt in seinem Buch eine Art von Energie-Antenne, die man sich ganz einfach selbst fertigen kann. Schaden kann es ja nichts und deshalb habe ich mir zwei so Stäbchen aus einem Weidenzweig gemacht. (more…)

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