About The Physical Universe

You have in your civilization, what is called a particular story, you may call it a joke… we will relate it to you:  You have what you call an individual, who in your terms says, that they believe in the power of God, and that they do not need to do anything but that. (more…)

Anhängsel und Assoziationen

Eure wirkliche Identität ist die, die von all den Anhängseln befreit ist, von denen ihr glaubt, sie seien Teile eurer Identität, aber es nicht sind. Und was ist ein Anhängsel eurer Identität? Ein Anhängsel ist mit euren Erfahrungen verknüpft, damit, was ihr gelernt habt und was euch gelehrt worden ist. (more…)

Betlehem 2009

Personal power is not necessarily something you use to control others nor do you use it to control your environment or yourself. It is, however, or rather, something you use to focus your thoughts, discipline your awareness and present facets of your personality (more…)

Kryon – Review Of 2009

Kryon speaks about the year 2009 as a year of conflict, a year of strife – at the outside as well as on the inside with many turbulences of energetic nature. But he tells of course, how to change and to end the struggle.… Read the rest

Wisdom from Sri Aurobindo

Some interesting aphorism by Sri Aurobindo and each definition he gives is poetic and wise.  Something to think about…

The Diamond - Symbol of Sri Aurobindo1. There are two allied powers in man; knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is so much of the truth seen in a distorted medium as the mind arrives at by groping, wisdom what the eye of divine vision sees in the spirit.Read the rest

The Threshold Of 2012

Bashar answers questions about 2012 and explains from his view point that it is a threshold to the dominance on positive energy on earth and it is not a “majority” which realizes this very important step of humanity, but relatively few individuals. (more…)


Es  gibt es immer mehr Beweise, dass  Tiere – auch die wilden Tiere – Freunde des Menschen sind. Daher erscheint es mir immer seltsamer, dass Tiere geschlachtet und gegessen werden. Das gilt auch für die ganz “normalen” Nutztiere, die, wie jeder vielleicht inzwischen weiß, oft auf grausame Art gehalten werden. (more…)

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