Das Recht zu leben

Das Leben ist ein Recht, keine Pflicht. Eigentlich selbstverständlich, aber in Zeiten, in denen die Luft zum Atmen besteuert wird, das Wasser zunehmend privaten Konzernen gehört und der Mehrheit der Menschen das Recht zu leben gleich gänzlich abgesprochen wird, ist es gut, sich an diese unveränderbare Wahrheit zu erinnern und danach zu leben und zu handeln, d.h., dieses Recht zurück zu holen. Niemand braucht mehr Stellvertreter, weder als Regierung noch vor Gott!

Oberste Überzeugung

Ich bin eine wertvolle Person.
Ich habe das Recht, in diesem Universum zu leben.
Ich habe das Recht, denn Ich Bin.


Bild Jean-François Martin

Impeccability – The State of Grace

This is an excerpt from a session with Archangel Metatron exploring the Law of Attraction. Archangel Metatron is channelled by James Tyberonn. This definition of Impeccability makes a lot of sense to me…

What then is impeccability? We are not understating the base premise, when we define impeccability simply as ‘ always trying your best’. But to remain impeccable requires more effort as the scope of your gained wisdom and consciousness expands. The greater your consciousness, the more you ‘know’ . The more you know, the greater the responsibility to live accordingly.

You are in the process of expanding your vibratory awareness, of becoming a conscious participant with the soul. You are becoming what your soul is, discovering your greater identity.

Dear Ones, when you grow spiritually, it is because you have opened to seek growth and are taking action, working to achieve it.

Impeccability involves the deliberate extension of your Beingness into evolution.

Impeccability puts you in the state of grace. Impeccability does not infer that you have achieved enlightenment or have learned all you need to learn. Rather it means you are on the only track, the right pathway to get there.

So we will define Impeccability in two layers, two phase formats:

1 Conditional Impeccability: This is when the entity is not highly advanced, yet working toward mastery . Doing ones best. Utilizing knowledge to the best of one’s ability to do the right thing, even when there may be ignorance and innocent misconceptions. By that we mean you truly believe what you are doing is the right course, even if it is not the full or expansive truth . All of you go through such phases. In this phase if you make a mistake, it is an honest mistake, in which you genuinely believed you were doing what you felt is right.

2  Mastery Impeccability: This is the phases of the soul in human existence that is on the cusp of Mastery. One highly advanced, and walking the talk. Having no inner conflict between what one believes to be the right path, and what one actuates.

Both phases activate what you may term as an accelerated state of grace. Grace is assistance from the Divine Self to help the outcome of situations when one is trying their best. It may be thought of as the ‘Guardian Angel’, because in many cases that is exactly what a Guardian Angel is, your Divine Self serendipitously intervening in situations to assist you on your path.

If we were to redefine what you religious texts consider as sin, it would not be in terms of the commandments, rather it would be: “knowledge not utilized”. Taking actions you know to be incorrect, actions in conflict to your highest beliefs.

The Law of Attraction
Archangel Metatron
via James Tyberonn



Es geht gar nicht anders, als ein individuell zu leben. Es ist ein Teil der allumfassenden Propaganda, die Menschen auf ein anonymes “Wir” zu trimmen, damit Jeder seine eigenen Vorlieben (more…)

Revolution vs. Evolution

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Just Be Happy!

Everybody can decide deliberately to be happy, whatever happiness one chooses. No need to wait for outer circumstances. Happiness is created from inside out!

It’s not about creating that reality, it’s really about attracting that reality. Everything already exists, it was already done by Creation, you don’t have to do it again.  All you have to do is manifest it through you, in your unique way. That is how you are a co-creator.  Don’t confuse the semantics of your language that says you are a creator, that you have to create the reality from scratch.  No, you create the manifestation, the expression of a reality, an idea that already exists, through you, by acting like that reality, so it can ‘channel’ through you. You have to become the vibration before you can become magnetically attractive to that reality, so it can express itself through you.  That’s why it excites you so much.  If it were not so easily manifestable something else would excite you, instead.  Because the universe does not do pointless things. The universe does not say, “I will make this your heart’s desire, but you can’t have it!”  Trust your heart’s desire.

Why base your happiness on what you think must happen outside you?  BE HAPPY! And as you are happy you become the vibration of happiness, attracting all the circumstances and situations in life that reflect the concept of happiness.  But, be happy because that is what you prefer to be, not just so you will attract those things.  Be happy and you will attract those things that are representative of happiness. This is not philosophy, this is physics! What you put out is what you get back. The energy level or frequency you operate on determines the kind of reality you will experience.  It’s physics.  You have to become a particular frequency in order to be the antennae that will receive an echo of the same frequency.

Keep it simple. It is ALL about vibration, about states of being. Become as transparent as glass and all that is not of your frequency shall pass right through you.


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