Give Peace A Chance

Time again for some good vibrations, today with Give Peace a Chance by John Lennon. Good sound, great lyrics!  Yes, who needs …ism! They are a source of separation and therefore of wars. (more…)


The creation of reality is not a one-time job that continues so to speak by itself, it is a creation in each moment. This is something to really understand and to be practiced – moment by moment. (more…)

What Is Magick?

Magick is only a focusing of the energy.  A follower of the ways of Magick uses spells, rituals and ceremonies for one thing only : To harness the energy and power of the Mind, to act as a mental “magnifying glass” (more…)

Trust and Surrender

To me, vulnerability is the willingness to be open to All That is in full and total trust. The willingness to be open to All That Is in full and total trust is what you are talking about when you say surrendering. … Read the rest

Die Krisensuppe

Die arbeitende Bevölkerung soll jetzt die Suppe auslöffeln, welche durch kollektive Ängste total versalzen – ungenießbar – geworden ist. Tatsächlich gibt es aber diese Krise nur, weil sehr viele Menschen “Angst vor dem Abstieg” (more…)

Are You A Bright?

Only recently I learnt about the Bright Philosophy. The definition of a Bright is “a person whose worldview is naturalistic–free of supernatural and mystical elements. A Bright’s ethics and actions are based on a naturalistic worldview” and “naturalistic” means “conceiving of reality as natural (not supernatural)”.Read the rest

Die Gretchenfrage

Fundamentalisten sind Anhänger eines Glaubens, einer Religion oder irgendeines …ismus, die bereit sind, ihre Annahmen mit Gewalt zu verteidigen. Sie tolerieren keine anderen Glaubenssätze.


Unzeitgemäße Gedanken

Der kolumbianische Schriftsteller Nicolás Gómez Dávila (1913-1994) lebte die meiste Zeit seines Lebens in Kolumbien, ohne sich doch dort wirklich heimisch zu fühlen. Don Nicolás arbeitete in seiner Bibliothek (more…)

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