Just Do It !

This well-known scene with Luke Skywalker where Yoda raises the spaceship by pure mental power is a good demonstration of real human power. I know, it is hard to believe that’s why some practice is necessary until it works… (more…)


Taste!  Smell!  Listen!  Touch! Use your five senses to be more aware of your world, which is you. Take i.e. a bird’s perspective or view things by an ant’s view. Or as Marcel Proust said: (more…)

Indulging your imagination

Frank Butterfield is a channel for the collection of non-physical entities who speak with a single, gentle voice named Paul. “Communion of Light” refers to the experience that we have when we connect with these beings of light.  (more…)

Seths Maximen

Etwas, an das man sich in jedem Augenblick erinnern sollte, ist, dass die Zukunft im Jetzt gemacht wird, und dass “dort” nur geschehen kann, was man im Jetzt pflanzt – was im Jetzt kultiviert wird. Seths Maximen drücken dies kurz und bündig aus…

  • Ich werde mich selbst, meine Charakterzüge, meine Fähigkeiten, meine Neigungen und Abneigungen, meine positiven und negativen Einstellungen bejahen, denn ich sehe ein, daß sie meine einzigartige Individualität ausmachen.
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List For Happiness

Wondered Out Loud made a short list of the important things to do on the way to enlightenment or just a happy life. Maybe it is the same… Anyway, the most important thing is deliberate thinking and feeling and appreciation for everything… (more…)

How Dolphins Perceive

In his session 3021, which deals about Senses, Creation and the Universe, Elias speaks about how dolphins perceive compared to humans. As they have a wider range of  vibrational perception they see more of an object as humans do and they even hear the object, because everything is moving even if it seems to be stationary.… Read the rest

The Body Cells

All manifestations come from vibrational patterns which one could call also belief systems. And there is only one way to change unwanted patterns… By going back into the vortex or in other words…  by choosing different beliefs to be able to be joyful, feel good and even being exstatic..… Read the rest

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