Elias, channelled by Mary Ennis, is one of my favourite sources of inspiration. This small exercise that he offers here is important, because the lack of  deservingness – of self-value – is certainly very impeding for fulfilling your desires whatever they are… Enlightenment, wealth, health….… Read the rest

Kornkreise – Tore von anderen Dimensionen?

Die Kornkreis Saison hat begonnen und wie jedes Jahr, wirft sie mehr Fragen als Antworten auf. Deshalb habe ich diesen Artikel vom letzten Jahr neu veröffentlicht, denn er verlinkt auf Informationen von Bashar, Abraham, Kryon un P’taah, welche für meine Begriffe bisher die besten Erklärungen lieferten…

Kornkreise sind nach wie vor ein Geheimnis.… Read the rest

Leben heißt Unsicherheit

Es gibt keine Sicherheit im Leben, weil das Leben nicht anders als in Unsicherheit existieren kann. Daher kommt es, dass man, je sicherer man ist, desto weniger lebt. Der Tod ist die komplette Sicherheit. Sei also niemals auf Sicherheit aus, denn sonst bist du auf den Tod aus… (more…)


We say one more thing about the idea of healing the self. We will give you the idea of a particular permission slip that you can use to attract whatever information you need that has to do with healing. So if you use this permission slip because it is generally keyed to the collective energy vibration of your entire species, you will find it will generally work for most of you in whatever way your imagination so desires.… Read the rest

Bashar About Sai Baba

Bashar answers questions about the manifesting abilities of Sai Baba (23. 11.1926 in Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh; † 24. April 2011) and explains the mechanism of this creation. The ashes that Sai Baba produced in considerable quantities are a by product of creation, remains of  raw substance as Bashar says.… Read the rest

The Galactic Federation and Mass Arrests

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come with news about the progress of our associates in manifesting your prosperity and your new governance. The mass arrests are very close to happening. Many figures in banking and finance have already resigned from a wide range of institutions throughout the world, and now these barely reported events include the upper management of some major international corporations.… Read the rest

The Fresh Food Diet

Ascended Master Saint Germain, channeled by Aruna talks about which food one can eat to be healthy. It is not a short-term “diet” but a continuous change to better food. He recommends all the food that Hildegard von Bingen recommended also already in the 12th century.… Read the rest

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