Kryon about Animals

In this highly interesting channelling about The Akashic System Kryon, channelled by Lee Carrol speaks about animals and how they offer themselves as food for humanity.

But there is this most important question: How do we treat them?


I speak of the precious animals all the time and how they’re here to service humanity and how they do it so completely.

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Am I Allowing?

Kryon was asked “am I allowing or am I being lazy” and this question is not silly at all. Indeed, sometimes it is difficult to discern what one is doing really deep inside. And there is always the question about the necessity of action “outside”.  … Read the rest


Everything is a symbol. Every minute of your physical focus is a symbol to your essence. Your essence is very acquainted and accustomed to viewing all focuses in symbols. You do not view your physical focus in this way, so you think!… Read the rest

17 SEC.

If you can hold a thought, just a simple thought, for 17 seconds, without contradicting it, another thought like it same shape, same size, same vibration, same tone, by law of attraction another thought like it will come to it. And at precisely the 17 second point, these two thoughts will join one another, they coalesce and when they do that there is an energy that is expended, it is like a combustion point.… Read the rest

The Perfect Solution


This is a smart little exercise from Kryon, a kind of emergency kit…

Visualize in your mind the perfect solution without knowing what it is. How do you do that?  Here’s how…

Visualize yourself peaceful, as if it was finally over…not just suppressed, but over.

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Kooperation statt Gemein-schaft

Der Einzelne schuldet weder dem Staat, der eine Maschine ist, höchste Treue, noch der Gemeinschaft, die nur ein Teil des Lebens und nicht das ganze Leben ist. Seine Lehnspflicht muss der Wahrheit gehören, dem Selbst, dem Geiste, dem Göttlichen in sich und in allen: Sein wirkliches Daseinsziel darf nicht darin bestehen, sich der Masse unterzuordnen oder sich in ihr zu verlieren, sondern diese Wahrheit des Seins in sich selbst zu finden und auszudrücken und hilft dadurch der Gemeinschaft, der Menschheit, ihre eigene Wahrheit und Fülle des Seins zu finden.

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The Art Of Allowing

Feel GoodWhen you lance your rocket of desire the desired state is immediately created. You don’t have to repeat the expression of the desire or murmur endless mantras. You even don’t have to imagine it often, unless the imagination pleases you.What you have to do to allow the manifestation – to bring it down to earth so to speak – is:  feeling good… feeling good… feeling good… which is being in the vortex and behave as if it were already realized.… Read the rest

Der kreative Mechanismus

Positives FühlenDer kreative Mechanismus wird immer in Gang gesetzt, wenn man einen Gedanken (oder eine Vorstellung) erzeugt, die NICHT bewertet werden, weder

ob es richtig oder falsch ist, positiv oder negativ
gut oder schlecht

sondern  sofort mit der Erzeugung dessen beginnt, was man durch seine Gedanken oder Vorstellung bewegt hat.… Read the rest

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