Phi Crystals – The Philosopher’s Stone

Crystals cut into sacred Phi angles are capable of many things, most of which are beyond the current understanding of the masses of humankind within polarity consciousness. You see these crystals exist above the spectrum of your visible light, (more…)

About The Physical Universe

You have in your civilization, what is called a particular story, you may call it a joke… we will relate it to you:  You have what you call an individual, who in your terms says, that they believe in the power of God, and that they do not need to do anything but that. (more…)

Anhängsel und Assoziationen

Eure wirkliche Identität ist die, die von all den Anhängseln befreit ist, von denen ihr glaubt, sie seien Teile eurer Identität, aber es nicht sind. Und was ist ein Anhängsel eurer Identität? Ein Anhängsel ist mit euren Erfahrungen verknüpft, damit, was ihr gelernt habt und was euch gelehrt worden ist. (more…)

Betlehem 2009

Personal power is not necessarily something you use to control others nor do you use it to control your environment or yourself. It is, however, or rather, something you use to focus your thoughts, discipline your awareness and present facets of your personality (more…)

Kryon – Review Of 2009

Kryon speaks about the year 2009 as a year of conflict, a year of strife – at the outside as well as on the inside with many turbulences of energetic nature. But he tells of course, how to change and to end the struggle. There will be more turbulences in the coming time and it would only  be intelligent to be prepared…

Say goodbye to the old and permit the new to arrive. Permit yourself to feel the energy of peace, of joy and of magic. Begin the day with the wise saying that the divine light in you is able to move mountains. Oh, believe me, if this year has been very turbulent for many human beings, it leads into bliss for the Earth will rise some time. But these were only the beginnings and a raging of the energies will begin in every respect.

Cristal of Pure ThoughtIt is very important to check one’s thoughts as well as one’s emotions, to look at the divine light and to hear what the soul speaks. Turn away from fear and worry. Turn towards light, carefreeness, contentedness and towards the divine might. Do not allow limitations any more. Realize that you are the chosen one. Realize the special feature in you. Recognize the light that blazingly unites with anything you have ever been. All energies connect and become one. You are that what you are. And this releases a power that is boundless if only you permit. Gone are the times of restraint, the times of action are beginning and the intention is burning in your soul. You will realize, the new morning wakes you up with a smile.
Many human beings are going to step up to difficult times. Thus there will be energetic explosions, a massive devaluation of money, nations will split, people fight each other. From the highest authority there will be attempts to scare the human beings in the duality in order to keep the human beings small. There will be energetic processes that nobody will understand. It is all the more important that you are in your power. For when you understand that you bear the might to achieve anything in your divine core then you can give everything. When you can take all the presents and gifts you can also pass them on. Each single one of you is of the utmost importance in these times.

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Günstlinge und Massen

“Die Wenigen, die das System verstehen, werden so sehr an seinen Profiten interessiert oder so abhängig sein von der Gunst des Systems, dass aus deren Reihen nie eine Opposition hervorgehen wird. Die große Masse der Leute aber, mental unfähig zu begreifen, wird seine Last ohne Murren tragen, vielleicht sogar ohne zu mutmaßen, dass das System ihren Interessen feindlich ist.”

Günstlinge“Dieses Zitat wird einem der Gebrüder Rothschild im 19. Jhd. zugeschrieben.  Ich denke, dass sich Rothschild grundsätzlich irrt, wenn er denkt, dass es keine Veränderungen gibt, weil er der Masse – wer immer das ist, mentale Unfähigkeit unterstellt. Trägheit wäre da schon passender. Aber das ist nicht der Punkt.

Es waren noch nie “Massen”, welche Veränderungen bewirkt haben, sondern immer relativ wenige Individuen, manchmal auch Gruppen. Und es gibt jetzt schon genug bewusste Individuen, welche die negative Energie, die noch vorherrscht in positive – menschenfreundliche – Energie umwandeln werden. Das ist schon im Gang und ich weiß nicht, wie lange es dauern wird, bis die Energie sozusagen kippt – aber sie wird kippen.

Rothschild hat allerdings recht, wenn er sagt, dass aus den Günstlingen des Systems nie eine Opposition entstehen wird. Die Günstlinge sind die Politiker und die Kaufleute. Deshalb studieren heute fast alle BWL, oder, wie man zu Zeiten des Simplicissisimus sagte, “sie lernen, mit dem Judenspieß zu fechten”.

Es wird auch gar keine “Opposition”  notwendig sein, denn Widerstand verstärkt nur das Bekämpfte, sondern eine Umfokussierung der Energien auf das Schöne und Produktive für alle Menschen, Tiere und die Natur. Es werden sicher nicht alle Menschen in Frieden und Freude leben wollen, aber sie werden dann zumindest wissen, dass sie die Wahl haben.

Auch jetzt haben Menschen die Wahl, aber das Selbstvertrauen, das Selbstwertgefühl und vor allem das Wissen um die grenzenlosen Fähigkeiten des Menschen sind bei Vielen gewissermaßen verschütttet. Da hilft nur Aufklärung, Aufklärung, Aufklärung … und wenn das Chaos – der Übergang von dieser dürftigen Ordnung in einen höheren Ordnungsgrad – groß genug ist, werden sie es auch hören.

Wisdom from Sri Aurobindo

Some interesting aphorism by Sri Aurobindo and each definition he gives is poetic and wise.  Something to think about…

The Diamond - Symbol of Sri Aurobindo1. There are two allied powers in man; knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is so much of the truth seen in a distorted medium as the mind arrives at by groping, wisdom what the eye of divine vision sees in the spirit.

2. Inspiration is a slender river of brightness leaping from a vast and eternal knowledge, it exceeds reason more perfectly than reason exceeds the knowledge of the senses.

3. When I speak, the reason says, “This will I say”; but God takes the word out of my mouth and the lips say something else at which reason trembles.

4. I am not a Jnani, for I have no knowledge except what God gives me for His work. How am I to know whether what I see be reason or folly ? Nay, it is neither; for the thing seen is simply true and neither folly nor reason.

5. If mankind could but see though in a glimpse of fleeting experience what infinite enjoyments, what perfect forces, what luminous reaches of spontaneous knowledge, what wide calms of our being lie waiting for us in the tracts which our animal evolution has not yet conquered, they would leave all and never rest till they had gained these treasures. But the way is narrow, the doors are hard to force, and fear, distrust and scepticism are there, sentinels of Nature, to forbid the turning away of our feet from her ordinary pastures.

6. Late, I learned that when reason died, then Wisdom was born; before that liberation, I had only knowledge.

7. What men call knowledge, is the reasoned acceptance of false appearances. Wisdom looks behind the veil and sees.

8. Reason divides, fixes details and contrasts them; Wisdom unifies, marries contrasts in a single harmony.

9. Either do not give the name of knowledge to your beliefs only and of error, ignorance or charlatanism to the beliefs of others, or do not rail at the dogmas of the sects and their intolerance.

10. What the soul sees and has experienced, that it knows; the rest is appearance, prejudice and opinion.

11. My soul knows that it is immortal. But you take a dead body to pieces and cry triumphantly “Where is your soul and where is your immortality ?”

12. Immortality is not the survival of the mental personality after death, though that also is true, but the waking possession of the unborn and deathless self of which body is only an instrument and a shadow.

13. They proved to me by convincing reasons that God did not exist, and I believed them. Afterwards I saw God, for He came and embraced me. And now which am I to believe, the reasonings of others or my own experience ?

14. They told me, “These things are hallucinations.” I inquired what was a hallucination and found that it meant a subjective or a psychical experience which corresponds to no objective or no physical reality. Then I sat and wondered at the miracles of the human reason.

15. Hallucination is the term of Science for those irregular glimpses we still have of truths shut out from us by our preoccupation with matter; coincidence for the curious touches of artistry in the work of that supreme and universal Intelligence which in its conscious being as on a canvas has planned and executed the world.

16. That which men term a hallucination is the reflection in the mind and senses of that which is beyond our ordinary mental and sensory perceptions. Superstition arises from the mind’s wrong understanding of these reflections. There is no other hallucination.

17. Do not, like so many modern disputants, smother thought under polysyllables or charm inquiry to sleep by the spell of formulas and cant words. Search always; find out the reason for things which seem to the hasty glance to be mere chance or illusion.

The Threshold Of 2012

Bashar answers questions about 2012 and explains from his view point that it is a threshold to the dominance on positive energy on earth and it is not a “majority” which realizes this very important step of humanity, but relatively few individuals. (more…)