Everything is neutralThis is an interesting conversation with Elias, channeled by Mary Ennis, who confirms what Bashar is saying about the fact that everything is fundamentally neutral and that the meaning is determined by my own decision and definition…

Question: Bashar says that, basically in this physical reality, all situations, all circumstances, things, people or places are actually neutral, they’re neutral props with no inherent built-in meaning, and that the meaning we put, the meaning we assign to these neutral things completely determines the effect that we get out of them.

ELIAS: I would agree. (definite)

Q: So, I’ve been sort of experimenting with this idea of what if I gave a situation a positive meaning instead of a negative one.

ELIAS: Excellent. And, what have you discovered?

Q: Well, if I give it a positive meaning, it’s actually no longer a negative within my reality, but I haven’t been able to do that fully.

ELIAS: Have you been at all successful, even momentarily?

Q: Yep, somewhat.

ELIAS: Excellent. I would express that what you have expressed in relaying the message or accepting the message that Bashar has expressed is THE SAME, my friend, in actuality, as what we have discussed in relation to any substance.

It is all the same. It is not that ANY expression incorporates any specific affectingness with you in itself, but it is all very colored through the lens of perception that you see it with. You can incorporate ANY situation, ANY situation, and dependent upon how you perceive it and the association that you create with it, it can be viewed in many different capacities.

Any action is not absolute, and is not incorporating only one available manner in which it can be perceived, regardless of what it is. For, whatever occurs in your reality, you evaluate in relation to your guidelines, and to an extent in relation to your own attachments, whether that experience is good or bad, whether it is comfortable or uncomfortable, whether it is right or wrong, whether it is expanding or limiting.

The experience itself, is not necessary to change. You can if you are so choosing. But in reality, it is not necessary to change an actual experience or situation, to alter the reality of it. All that is necessary is to change your perception of it. Therefore, if you are engaging an experience that you have evaluated as uncomfortable or bad, it is not actually necessary to change the actual experience to change the reality of it.

You can change your perception of it and continue to engage the identical same experience, and HOW you experience it will be entirely different.

Elias  Unpublished session found here
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