Drugs are actually considered as very “bad” and even grass (Marijuana) is condemned as dangerous. And because of this fear hemp i.e. is so much forbidden, that it is even not really used for all its other great properties. Seth speaks here (in excerpts) about drugs and how they act:

Seth: “Now: I am not telling you to go out and get grass [marijuana], but grass is a natural ingredient, and acid [LSD] is not, in your terms.”

[During his fairly long discussion of LSD he said in part: ] “…it brings to the forefront knowledge of the self with which you are not, at this point, equipped to deal. The resultant lack of balance can be disastrous.”

I wonder if we are now ready to deal with this information? Anyway it is certainely more productive to not use “crutches”. However all drugs should be free an it is up to the individual alone to decide wether using drugs or not.

[Later he said about PEYOTE:] “Peyote, used naturally by [certain native groups], had an entirely different idea behind it than most of you have about [that] drug. It was not excepted to annihilate an ego. It was used within a social framework in which it was perfectly natural. There was no paranoia connected with it.

“So, the reason [why] you use a drug is highly important. When you use peyote, you expect it to give you, again, a new occult, forbidden knowledge. When the natives used it, they expected it to give them the wisdom of the leaves and the flowers; to activate within themselves the nature that they KNOW they possess; and it was as natural as when you eat bacon and eggs. Therein lies the difference in your beliefs.”

[About “crutches” in general he said:]

“Now, the crutch may be grass, or it may be acid. But it says: ‘I will only experience my creaturehood fully when I use this…and the way I use this, I can turn on, and I can feel the reality that surrounds me — and this is my being! But…I cannot do this by myself. I need this, or this, or this. Only then will the magic work.’

Squirrel“A squirrel is filled with the reality and present joy of his being, and none of you today has seen a squirrel with a hypodermic needle up in the tree! He does not need it, either. He does not need peyote. He does not need acid. He does not need grass — because he is that which he is, and he is full of the joy of his being, and not afraid of it. And as he scampers through the branches, he is not afraid of falling down, either, because he trusts his own being. And he knows, without your fine intellect, that he has a place in this universe — that a place was made for him, and that his being is sacred and joyful and alive.

“Now, if religion separates you from the joy of your being, then it is detrimental. If you think you need a particular religion in order to justify your physical being, then it is detrimental. If you think you do need grass to do the same, then that is detrimental. If you think you need to justify your existence through whatever means, for whatever reason, then you do not understand the joyful playful, spirituality of yourself or of your being!”

Seth/Jane Roberts
Conversations With Seth –
The Story of Jane Roberts’ ESP Class,
Vol. 2, Chapter 13 (p. 346 – 353)
by Susan M. Watkins
(Seth Material © Robert F. Butts)

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