In the movie Alice in Wonderland there are – as in any good fairy-tale, several bright insights which are worth to be considered. One of these insights that Alice learned from her father is: Sometimes I think 6 impossible things even before breakfast. This enables her to defeat the symbol of evil, a dragon called Jabberwocky. One could also say it in the words of Abraham:

The ability to imagine what you are wanting rather than only observe what is,
is what takes you beyond. You are a physical being, but you are much more.

Another great quote is when Absalom, the wise caterpillar, says to Alice: Nothing has ever been accomplished with tears! How true and if this would be taken for serious one should immediately turn away from tears and sorrows towards happiness – actually the natural state of being of humans. This is best accomplished with love  which is knowledge and appreciation. The “rest” will follow naturally…

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