I guess most people know by now that animals feel, have emotions, and are not only a “thing”. Although this knowledge is widespread we still eat them and worse, keep most of them in horrible conditons. We abuse billions of animals, domestic ones as well as wild animals, which are hunted and often killed for a trophy on the wall. We even kill maybe the most conscious “animals” on earth, the whales.

It is time to reassess the whole treatment of animals. Chief Joseph gives some insights what animals really are and that the relationship with them outlasts the current live.

Know your animal family live beyond the veil of death, just as you do.

Those who love you, whether they were human or animal in their physical form, never leave you. They often have a desire, beyond the grave, to help you and to continue loving you. That is often why you see, or feel, or hear what you might call “ghosts.”

Animals, especially your domestic pets (as you call them) — and especially dogs and cats — are more often than not your teachers. They have little to learn from you. But you have much to learn from them.

If there is one major lesson your pets have to teach you, it is this: Live in the moment! And this: Love unconditionally…

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