This is an excerpt from a channelling of Himaalih from “The Myradees,” channeled by Maria Bertram, December 27th 2010. The Mother Earth Network  is an ever growing, global spiritual network consisting of thousands of people around the world. The network’s main activities are global healing sessions for Mother Earth, through channeled instructions. I think that the advice given below is very, very valuable and enlightening…

You already have everything you need

This is the answer to all your questions and all your dilemmas on Earth. Everything that you seek will be found there. The solution to all your conflicts, your lack of energy and water, your natural disasters – all the answers you seek will be found in what I just said, nowhere else. All your scientific studies, all of your miles and miles of written articles, books, television programs and movies, all laboratory tests, all conferences and all buildings – all those are just external cosmetics and scrap. They are illusions that you have created to prevent yourself from seeing the truth. The truth is there, it has always been there, and it is waiting for you. Drop everything you have in your hands and go into yourself. Go to the Source. Stop distracting yourself with all the unnecessary bickering that doesn’t have anything to do with you, that doesn’t lead anywhere. All the answers that you need, you carry within you. When you are in your inner source, when you open the door to it, you’ll get access to exactly everything you need.

This is work you must perform. It requires focus and presence in the now. You must begin to peel. Peel off all the unnecessary nonsense in your life, all illusions – everything that distracts you and makes you lose focus and waste away your life on unimportant things that don’t have any relevance whatsoever. You live in the Upside- down World, where everything that is important is forgotten in favor of that which has no relevance at all – trivia and geegaws. Human life on Earth is crammed with trivia and geegaws. I would like to inspire you to dare to step out into thin air. To float out into empty space where the only thing you’ll find is yourself, and the presence in the Absolute Now. There you can open the door to your own inner source and become the infinite divine beings that you are.

Via Escape The Illusion
The Mother Earth Network

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