Animal Reflection

Bashar answers a question about the Human cruelty in animal treatment.  The main reason for that is as per Bashar that humans hate themselves so deeply that they hate everything that is pure consciousness like animals are…

Question: How come we humans are so cruel to animals all over the world?

Bashar:  Oh that’s easy to answer.

Q:  Yes … how are animals feeling?

B:  Yes?  No?

Q:  Okay, yes.

B:  Thank you, then you may continue.  Let’s keep this simple, a step at a time.  Even though you have on your planet this understanding of, what you call, a Golden Rule, you understand?  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

In actual fact, even though that is in itself a truth, a more fundamental and precise way to understand that principle is as follows, in that, ” you will do to others what you are willing to do to yourself.” The self-loathing, self-anger, self-hatred, and self-devaluation that humans on your planet have been taught … the judgement upon the self that makes humans think they are “less worthy than,” will make them, in that sense, jealous of anything and everything they deem to be pure; and, in that sense, they will hate it and take out their aggressions upon it.  Animals, in that sense, will be a good target for them in their minds, because your society does not necessarily deem them, in general, to be conscious beings, and therefore, there is not as many repercussions about taking out your frustrations on animals as there is taking them out on humans. Do you understand?

Q:  Yes, yes.

B:  I’m not saying that they are less equal, but your society in general thinks that, and because it hates itself, or such people hate themselves, they will strike out at anything that reflects to them a reminder of that self-hatred.  And when they see something perfect and pure as an animal, full of conviction and absolute power and love, they will strike out at it. Because it reminds them of what they believe to be a true weakness within themselves, even though it isn’t actually true; but that’s what they have been taught to believe about themselves, that they are not natural and so they hate everything that is of nature.  You follow?

Q:  Yes, I do.

B:  That’s why they do that, psychologically.

Q:  How do animals deal with it?  With all this pain and cruelty?

B:  Well, they deal with it as best as they possibly can.  The idea of course, is that animal consciousness – not in any way, shape, or form, meaning to condone these actions on the part of the humans towards them – but animal consciousness is unconditional in its love, and in its expression and conviction of self, and, in that sense, they will deal with it simply by being what they are, and that is pure reflections of creation. Whether they remain physical or translate into Spirit, they will deal with it as pure, unconditional reflections.

Now yes, many animals will, of course, take upon themselves the reflective traits of those doing the abuse, and may strike back, of course.  That is only, also in its sense, natural, as a reflection of the consequences of the actions of the humans that may be perpetrating the abuse against them. But the idea is, nevertheless, that they are not doing that out of vindictiveness, they are only doing it out of natural reflection and consequences of behavior and action.  And it is still in unconditional love, which they carry within them, that allows them to be connected to humanity in such a way that they are willing to participate with you to show you these ideas.  So that, perhaps, one day you will understand how much humanity has learned to hate itself, and perhaps can ultimately learn to love itself as much as the animals reflect that unconditional love of the Infinite to you.  That’s how they deal with it.

They know that they are eternal, no matter what you do to them. Again, this doesn’t excuse the behavior, but they know they are infinite, they know they are eternal and they also, on some level — not exactly in the same way that humans understand this idea, when they do — but on some level, they understand it is all part of one particular dance of evolutionary learning to not need to do that, and to learn to love the self.

And in some senses, to put it in a very simplistic basis, if any animals on your planet exhibit the idea of predation, of predatory nature, and attack and such, it is mostly a reflection of the collective consciousness of the planet.

To put it simply, animals are predatory on your world, because you are.

On our world they are symbiotic, they do not prey on each other to the extent that they destroy each other.  It is a reflection of our understanding of wholeness; and the idea is that they can, in a sense, get what they need from each other without destroying the animal in the process.

Q: Oh. What do the animals on your planet eat?

B: In this way, again, it is mostly energy, and it is mostly through the exchange you call symbiosis. At times, in what you call the past, so to speak, there used to be some predatory forms; but no longer. Anything you would now perceive as a “predatory form” always leaves its prey alive, taking an exchange of energy in a certain way that benefits both.

As an example, there is a being, a creature, an animal, as you would call it in this way, that would be similar, as we have described it, to what you would refer to as a slug-like creature, but it will be a bit more flat. It will have upon the topside plates for the direct conversion of sunlight into another type of energy. As this creature crawls upon the skin of another being it will convert the sunlight into a type of energy that, when it is projected into the cellular structure of the being it is on, will release a type of energy that the slug feeds but the conversion will also regenerate and rejuvenate the cell of the creature it is on.

So it is symbiotic in that way.

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