A Russian named Igor Charkovsky has been involved in underwater birthing for a long time. He has probably assisted with at least 20,000 underwater births. His daughter, one of the first to be born underwater, was in her twenties, I think, when the following incident took place. Charkovsky and his team had taken a woman to the Black Sea for an underwater birth.

They were sitting there prepared for the birth, with the woman lying in water about two feet deep. Three dolphins approached, pushed everybody away and took over. The dolphins did something that looked like scanning up and down her body—something I have experienced, and which does something to the human system. The woman gave birth with almost no pain or fear.

Needless to say, the human midwives in attendance were fairly shocked. This event opened up the new practice of ‘dolphin midwifery’, which may sound strange, but fits in with the new breed of super-children currently coming into existence. Since this incident in 1979, Igor began a series of experiments with dolphins present at the birth of children.

In 1982 Elena Tonetti, one of the leaders of the “conscious water birth” movement in Russia, was working closely with Igor Charkovsky. She was born and raised in Russia but now lives in the United States. She recalls, “By the time I met Charkovsky he only had about a dozen water births under his belt. In the early eighties the whole movement of “conscious waterbirth” exploded in Russia. During cold months of the year women were giving birth at home in their apartments and every summer we organised birth camps at the Black Sea, in the middle of nowhere, far away from tourists and traffic. Often in shallow lagoons, where water is warm and clean and there are dolphins aplenty to play with.

Our focus was the search for ways to eliminate complications during delivery. As a result of that search a most profound programme of preparation for natural birth was developed, which benefited not only new babies, but also adults who wanted to heal the consequences of their own dramatic entrance into our world.”

According to the records of the Charkovsky team, dolphins are automatically attracted to pregnant women and very young children. As many people are already aware, dolphins can also help heal people with mental and psychological problems. Igor believes that the dolphins, through their benign energy, take the stress off the baby and mother alike during and after the birth. These intelligent mammals calm down any woman in childbirth, taking away the exertion, anxiety and fear factors, and create a common bio-field. Dolphins also seem to have an affinity with the baby in the womb. “They sense when a woman is about to give birth and gather round. They give both the mother and child a sense of protection and safety,” says Charkovsky. It is a pity that it is hard to meet wild dolphins at the right time and in the right place! The Charkovsky team believes that when one is born in the sea in a dolphin’s presence, that particular midwife dolphin comes back to the spot on the baby’s birthday to wait for him or her. Children who are born with the help of dolphins, at least as far as the cases documented in Russia show, become extraordinary children. Most of them have IQ’s of over 150 (genius range), are extremely emotionally stable, or have physically strong bodies; they are superior to other children in one way or another. Charkovsky and his team are aware that having a baby with the help of wild dolphins in the open sea requires extreme care and experienced supervisors, with a safer alternative being with dolphins in captivity, but sadly these captive

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This is very interesting. Normally humans consider dolphins (and wales) as animals. However the non-physical beings like Elias or Ramtha say that they are essences, which means that they are at a similar “evolutionary” state as humans. Because of that dolphins should not be captured in zoos. They are then living in prison. My next journey will certainely be to a place, where I can swim with dolphins….

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